Winter Camping in Canada (Staying Warm Living Off Grid in a Tiny House)

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Even though we’ve been living off grid in Canada for several months now, it’s an entirely different experience in the cold and the snow. We’re grateful we started finding ways to stay warm back in the fall but luckily for us we have an amazing community on this channel that’s given us so many great suggestions on how we can make sure our off grid tiny house keeps the heat in. Of course, things don’t really go to plan with that task but we’re bringing you along anyway…at least we have those blanket hoodies, right?


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Who are we?
We're Tyler and Todd, a married couple from Canada that had been traveling across the USA in our self-renovated RV with our two dogs, Charlie and Eddie. We’ve been living full time in our RV since September, 2019 and have been keeping a vlog to bring you along for the ride and to show what RV life is really like…Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and join the tiny house / van life community and keep and our weekly adventures! #tinyhouse​ #offgrid​ #winter​

How did we get here?
After a year of traveling around North America in our RV we found ourselves in Tampa, Florida when the global pandemic hit and made the decision to return home to Canada after our government urged travellers to return home. Unsure what the future held and how long we’d be staying put, we bought a 10 acre piece of land in Nova Scotia, Canada to park our RV. To keep our idle hands busy we’ve converted our into a fully functioning off-grid tiny home, complete with a fireplace and a composting toilet. Realizing we’d want to travel again in the future, we spent the summer renovating a new RV and explored Eastern Canada while the weather was still warm but now that we’re headed into winter and back in our off-grid tiny house until who knows when…it’s time to start building something a little bigger like a cabin in the woods!

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