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Hi guys do my name is Luke and in today's video we're gon na be going over how I stay warm in a tiny house: , .

So it actually is really easy to stay warm in a tiny house.
It's probably harder, if you don't have heat in a normal house, but in a tiny house you have such you, don't have hardly anywhere to heat.
So when I'm just lounging in here I just got in here.

So I structure and my coat.
But when I get in here I turn the heater on and let it heat up it doesn't take, hardly not even 15 minutes and it's already heated up and then I can lounge.
The only thing is it was my house is, I can insulate the floor so the floor is kind of cold, but I do have like a little floor.

Mat that keeps the floor a little warmer on my feet and the heater I have is right here.
I just turn that on, but I give it space for everything else.
I just turn it on.

It blows nice warm air out and then I just have it plugged in over here, but I actually have two heaters in this house, and so I have one that's down here that I use almost everyday.
That just keeps the whole house warm and then, when I sleep in here, I have one up here.
So when I'm slipping in here, there's no need for me to have two heaters or anytime to have two years, but at the same time.

So when I sleep, I don't need to heat down here because no one's down here during the night, this can stay cold during the night, not too cold.
It stays warm because there's a heater up here, but it doesn't need to be warm like comfortable warm.
So what I do is, I don't have the sheets on my bed right now, because I just washed them, but I had that heater right here and that's kind of like a fireplace heater, it's a smaller heater and it's not as powerful as the one down here.

I turned that one on at night it kind of gives a nice glow from the fireplace and that's what I use up there.
So I don't hit the heat up here, because it is so easy to heat up here, since this is so small that you almost get too hot, I had to crack the window open.
I can also put this heater on demo mode, which just goes through its like a little fireplace setting it's quite cozy up here and I'm just finding heater on literally.

I just got in here.

It's already warming up up here, because heat rises, so all the heat stays up here.
So when I heat this area up nothing, he goes downstairs because heat rises doesn't go down.

So that is one way to really stay warm in here and that's why? I always tell people I enjoy staying here during the winter and not the summer, because it's so much easier.
The heat then too cool, but I also do have a fan up here right there that I use to push them the heat down here.
If I'm just seeing up here but really this house is so easy to heat and stay warm, I just love it.

During the winter I mean what kind of insulation I have in the walls it's r-13.
So it's nothing really special, but it gets the job done and I don't think I need anything else than that.
I mean it also depends on your living.

So if you're living in Florida, you might want like a little higher, not for the cold but to keep cold air in for during the summer.
But if you're living in like Alaska, you probably want pretty high insulation because how cold it gets there.
So it also depends where you live r-13, for where i live is really good.

It's perfect for it's a little tiny house, because it's also really easy to heat.
You guys saw in the last video of how I put tape along my door to keep insects and just to keep some the draft out.
Well, it's still there and I'm going to be a I'm also going to get some weather stripping.

That's gon na seal the door off even better during the winter, because there is kind of a breeze that goes through and also some of the bugs do get through when fall hit.
It's kind of cold enough that the bugs aren't out anymore.
But when all those like boxelder bugs can get stuff get through, it's kind of annoying, also kind of a tip I learned from the fall is leaves like curtains open, because since these are black curtains, all the bugs attract the heat that it makes, and they all Want to get inside here, so I've always learned, you know, learn stuff and I killed a lot of bugs this fall from they all want to get in here, but everyone deals with that during fall.

So so I've been seeing a lot of comments lately that have been really cool a lot of kids.
I see that you know are trying to convince their parents and try to you know, trying to build tiny houses or they're saving up money now and they're gon na go build it make up months, and it's really neat to see all these as well.
Two 15 year olds or even younger, doing this kind of stuff after I've showed them that you can actually do it now.

I see this comment a lot.
How did you convince your parents to? Actually let me do it and it was simple enough.
It took me around three weeks to convince them to let them actually know that I'm actually interested in doing it, and once they knew that I was actually really interested in doing it.

Then they start listening up, so you could have bagged them everyday.
You know like build a tiny house and you all sort of know that you're gon na be paying for it and, like I spent almost a year, reclaimed materials binding materials.
Do that you know you for free.

A lot of this house is built with reclaimed materials which kept the price low for me and also save you know money, because I mean this door.
Is that window right behind you guys this cabinet right here this piece of glass right here? A lot of these there's one piece of insulation back here, there's a stud back.
There, that's reclaimed.

I mean a lot of this stuff is just read clean and I got it for free and a lot.
That's when it gives them away so really make sure to usually limit cereal, something.
No, my number one tip.

I get people a news, briefing materials because you'll thank yourself.
The long run also it adds character.
Now, a lot of my stuff isn't like that.

That old, it's just you, know stuff that was at someone's garage or basement that they weren't using and I put to use so if you're out there and you want to build a house, this be pretty convince your parents, I know they'll, let you also in the Mail yesterday I got this .
Now, if you guys don't know what this is, this is micro, shelters by Derrick dickerson.
I believe she is.

He is in Texas right now.
It's a tiny house, Jamboree and they're all going to his channel because he was a speaker there as well and they're.
Finding the video that he of me that I was on there.

It's almost at a million views and people are then going to my channel because a lot of you guys are new subscribers.

I think last weekend when we did the livestream I hit 5,000 that day.
So I think that was Saturday.

The livestream I hit 5,000 then Monday, I hit 6,000 and we're very close, I think we're like 60 away from hitting 7000, so we're gaining really fast, and I think it's a lot of tension from in his video.
My video, the tiny house tour, is that over six million views, that's a lot of views and I mean we're talking a while back.

You know when I had like a thousand subscribers and he told me he was gon na, send me his book and it just now got here.
I've been reading through it's a really good book.
If you guys know his first book.

That's this one right here! That's the one I bought a while back and inspired me to build this house.
I have a bookmark still from when I had it, and the bookmark was about this kind of like coffin thing that really interested me, and then this one right here that you can kind of see in the design that looks pretty similar.
To my mind, just a lot bigger, so this one's humble homes to go shacks, cozy cottages, relax, shackle, retreats funky for its it's really good and, like I heard like all these sketches some of them, he did.

But a lot of these were like when he was like in high school.
He just he's not sketched him down, but it's a really neat way to put a book.
It's very interesting.

You know you always are intrigued to what he has to say.
His new one is a little like easier to read, but it has like a ton of cool stuff in it, though his design of like the one pitch roof.
I really took into mind is so a lot of these designs kind of inspired my build and I'm really appreciate to have this book.

So thank you Derek for sending this to me.
I've went through the pages already, but I'll make sure to read almost every page.

Embarrass book he signed it, it says, keep kicking butt, Luke Deacon his signature, and it has a 20-17 this little guy now.

I think he just drew that.
But if you guys remember me, I'm in my a lot of my videos, my older videos, I had a buck-toothed and it's kind of cool he put that there, but I know no longer have a buck-toothed see if anyone sleeps in a bunk bed or left in This tiny house, you know the short little printing, your sheets on it's a very big struggle of those tiny house, people .
Let me answer some questions during this video.

Another question I get is: do I live in here full-time and the answer is no.
I don't live in here full-time, I do live in my family's house majority of the time, but I do come out here and visit it.
Quite often it's just a nice little retreat.

I had friends over last weekend.
We watch Netflix movies on the TV back here and it's just like really fun to hang out, and I cook meals in here mostly during the winter.
I sleep up in there just because, as I explained already, it's just so much more comfortable and when I do build my second tiny house in a couple years - and I sell this one - I will own that full-time.

But this is this kind of like a little Hut.
You know a little practice house that I built learn as much skills as possible.
Another question I get is: where do I live? I live in Iowa now.

I know it's in the to River dude.
I got like 6 million views, I'm I was wearing a Missouri shirt that had a college Missouri on it.
I went to Missouri and visited a college there.

That was really fun.
I really liked that shirt.
I was wearing it, but I'm not from Missouri.

I am from Iowa and that's another answer that question for in this video happy Halloween.
I know it was yesterday.
I just saw this so I stopped going on.

I didn't go trick-or-treating.
I have been gone in a couple years, but I was doing some stuff for my troop and on my way back home.
I noticed that I left my outside light on in my tiny house.

Now I live quite a bit off from the main road that some of my friends know, and it's kind of my driveway is quite steep so now that we have never had a cherry tree to come up our driveway, but I've been really funny.
If a trick-or-treater came to my front door because I had my front light on, you can see my house someone from the street, especially with the light on when it's dark out, but that I kind of thought of that on the way home last night.
So that's all I for this video star, if it wasn't the best, I'm kind of stretched on time right now.

I won't be available this weekend.
I'm camping with my troop was a really big corner to honor and I'm also the senior petróleo or so I have to really make sure I'm there, but I'll try to get a better video out next week.
I hope that you guys learned some stuff about tiny house and how it takes a long heat how it doesn't take long.

The heat you know easy.
It is, but I'll see you guys.
The next video thanks bye

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