Shipping Container Tiny House Tour! 160sqft Airbnb w/ Endless View!

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If you watched last week's video we toured a shipping container home on the side of a mountain the views are awesome.

This is the second shipping container home with the same views on the same mountain and we're gonna be taking a tour of this today so let's go check it out.

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If you watched last week's video we toured a shipping container home on the side of a mountain the views are awesome.

This is the second shipping container home with the same views on the same mountain and we're gonna be taking a tour of this today so let's go check it out.


Welcome back to on the rocks which is right outside Chattanooga Tennessee 30 minutes south, it's actually over the border so we are in Georgia right at the very top of Georgia on top of an incredible mountain with the best views.

If you saw last week's video you'll get a gist of what this is all about this is the other shipping container home on the property that you can book yourself it is a single 20-foot ship container home so it's only 160 square feet i believe and it is truly a tiny home you can book this spot or check out last week's video and book that spot as well or you can book both.

If you book both you can have two couples come here and really have the time of your life or a small family or anything like that and experience tiny home living in my favorite type a container home.

So the links are down below to book it there's also a link to sign up on airbnb and a link to host your own unique home if you ever desire to build a unique airbnb anyway whenever you arrive here to on the rocks the hosts are super nice and friendly you'll have no issues with that and you come down here you'll see that there's two tiny homes on the slot we did a tour of the one on the left now let's head down.

Walk down this walkway and go to the one on the right which is the gray shipping container home and just the way the shipping container home stands out amongst its environment and it looks with the background.

The background's endless because we're basically on the edge of this cliff we're not too close to the edge at all actually you could walk around and everything and be fine, but it's really neat having this rock facing cliff right here and you are on top of that with your tiny house one side is your shipping container home.

The other side is actually your deck that faces the cliff side and this deck has a lot to offer so let's just take a walk up this deck.

It is all this beautiful wood and you have a couple chairs right here on the right and the best thing i think is the swinging bed over here at the end of this.

You can chill out here lounge read books, this is definitely the favorite spot of this listing, and of course you got the beautiful endless views.

You can see the buildings down there, and cars, and the mountains. Whenever I was here is pretty rainy.

So we saw all the clouds go through the town, and it's like we're basically above the

You feel like you're on top of the world.  It is incredible!

This is the deck area.  You can come out here, drink some coffee and of course enjoy the day

Below, this tiny home is the storage area and everything it looks really cool.  From the drone perspective though looks like a pretty large container home, but that's that's just storage

If we go up back on to the deck we'll walk into the front door.  Right here into your shipping container home.

Now this is only 160 square feet so there's only so much you can do with such a tiny space.  Very similar layout to what we've seen before but it works.

Apparently over on the left side you have your bed and it's a pretty large bed for this container home and you actually have nightstands on each side.

Over here on this wall you have a cool window.  This is where your ac unit is.  Over in front of the bed is another kind of bar window that lets you overlook the views as well.

So this is kind of one half of your shipping container home. Underneath is storage, under the bed of course you can put all your clothes and luggage and everything like that down below.

The white walls make it feel larger than what it is.  And i love the wood floors in here, this feels really modern.

I love the style, and it just feels really nice in this container home.  Doesn't feel like you're in an awkward little box that people might think.

A lot of people don't understand why people build with container homes, but it's because it's unique, it looks awesome, and  it is eye-catching.  You already got the shell.

I have to talk to the owner of this one because he built this himself so props to him! Did an incredible job!

He enjoys working with shipping containers, so that's why i believe people like them a lot now.

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Now let's get back to the tour now.

In the middle of this area you have your kitchen soap. You have the countertop quartz countertop and everything facing this side of the wall over here, you have a built-in hot plate actually so you can boil some water for your coffee.

Whenever you want to go in that swinging bed outside. We can just continue along, you got a couple snacks that they offer.

You got your tiny house sink right here in the middle and then over on the right of all this countertop, you have your coffee and you have a little s'mores making kit.

There is a fire outside over here on this right side.  You actually have a small shelf, but you might notice that this table does swing up.

In tiny houses it is pretty common to have collapsible furniture.  So you just swing up this small table and you pull out these two chairs and now you have a small seating area to eat or work or whatever.

To save space you'll just close it right back up and store it right underneath.

Continuing on with the rest of this tiny home, you slide open this door and you enter your bathroom.  You have a small vanity and sink you have a mirror right above it.

Toilet in the middle, and then your tiled shower over to the left.

Even the floor is tiled!  I love the tiling work in here!  It's gorgeous!

And yeah, this is just your small, very, very, functional bathroom.

Taking a step back onto the outside we'll walk down to your fire pit area.  You might notice that there's
twinkle lights and everything that leads up to it.

I love the look of that whenever it's twilight or hitting night time.  These lights, light up the place and they lead you all the way down to your fire pit.

Which is pretty close to the edge of the cliff.  Which is awesome!

You can sit out here have a fire with your friends and or family and just overlook the town that you can see from here.

Just have a great time out here with your friends.  Feels pretty private out here as well.

Like i said, you're on top of the world.  It is a pretty moody foggy day today and the couple days i was here, but that just adds cozy vibes for this container home.

What do you think of this container home and the views and where this is located?

So that is your container home!

If you want to book, the the link is in the description.

i like this one a lot because it is in such a unique space, and the views you have!

It's like tiny home come stay here!  Book here!  Subscribe to my channel send this video to somebody, and be like hey let's go check out this place and even book the other shipping container home.

You'll have the whole place to yourself and that would be a really fun getaway for you!

So thank you for watching this video!

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