Pantry Chat 2020 Year in Review

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This is such an informative video about homesteading and a lot more.  Ordinary people living the simple life!  You can do it too!

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We're sharing our 2020 year in review on this week's episode of the Pantry Chat!

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This year is over and that means it’s time to reflect! 2020 has been exhausting and stressful for many and the year at Riverbend was no exception.

In this episode of the Pantry Chat, we're looking back at our past year at Riverbend to discuss successes, failures, and accomplishments while hinting at what might be coming up in 2021.

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Chit Chat
6:33 - Q & A
10:47 - 2020 Year in Review
14:00 - Sourdough Challenge
16:21 - 2020 on the Homestead
24:52 - Compost Systems
26:40 - Raising Meat
27:09 - Limed Eggs
29:30 - Garden
34:55 - Animals
38:45 - Food Storage



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