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This is collaboration put together by Liz Zorab of Byther Farm and Wanda from Deep South Homestead. There were a list of 15 questions I had to answer regarding homesteading in our area. I hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to the Collaboration Playlist

Where in the world is your homestead?
Where approximately is your homestead located? (We suggest that you aren’t too specific)
It is an urban/rural area?
What size is your homestead and is that similar to other homesteads nearby?
What the climate and weather like at your homestead?
What is your growing season (first and last frost – if you get them)?
Do you have any animals?
If so what, how many and why those animals?
Do you grow any fruit, veg or grains? If so, what types?
What is your diet like and has it changed over time?
Do you grow organically, intensively, commercially – how do you grow your crops?
Do you sell any produce, livestock or other things that you make or create on your homestead for an income?
Do you grow solely for your own needs? Do you have health issues that impact or guide your homesteading and if so, how do they affect your living on your homestead?
How long have you been homesteading?
Do you like homesteading?
What homestead activity you like the most?

Liz Zorab https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0Ha5QljsCV5UqIkobBrcQ

Deep South Homestead https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0P1Q-lAsIwnIM8wDPCg_g

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If YOU like Tinyhouses... Please Share This! Don't be shy!