Make Money With Tiny Houses

There’s a lot of reasons why people go tiny. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that for us it was a combination of ownership, geographic flexibility, and future ROI (return on investment). Today, almost three years into our Tiny journey, we are much closer (financially speaking) to taking the next step and creating our first Tiny House related stream of passive income.

In this video we wanted to talk about three primary strategies for making money with Tiny houses and discuss which method we will soon be taking the next steps on.

  • 1. Backyard Villa’s are an easy way for a traditional homeowner to make rental income from an Accessory Dwelling Unit (like a Tiny house) on their property (just be sure to check if Tiny houses are approved as ADU’s in your local area).
  • 2. Tiny House Hotel’s are a collection of tiny homes, all owned by a party and rented out on a short term basis to travelers and potential future tiny home owners. This strategy requires a lot of money up front but it’s the most profitable of the three models we’re discussing.
  • 3. Tiny House Communities are becoming more common and can be run in several different manners. One of the most common is for the land owner to simply lay the plumbing, water and electrical infrastructure, and then rent out individual lots to tiny home owners. One of the biggest pro’s to this model is that the property owner has no responsibility for maintenance to the units because each home is owned by the individual renting the lot.

Below is a playlist of videos to give you tons of ideas on how to make money from or with tiny houses.

Those were just a few of the many ways you could make money with tiny houses… hope you enjoyed the videos!