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Luxurious Travel Trailer - Stainless Steel Series

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<p>Streeter Road in Strong, Maine, is located within the United States.</p>



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360 sq.ft.
36 ft.
10 ft.
1 Bathroom
1 Bedroom
0 Lofts


This contemporary travel trailer design is created to provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere! The inside has a sleek and comfortable appearance that matches the luxurious feel. With a selection of 16 unique floor plans, you have the freedom to customize your ideal layout. The interior is filled with delightful surprises, offering an abundance of space and smartly organized features that simplify life on the move! The Kysury Travel Trailer from the stainless steel series is renowned for its opulent touch. Weight: 6500 lb
  • 2 Private bedroom
  • Aluminum wheels built for longevity. Durable aluminum wheels designed to withstand the test of time. Long-lasting aluminum wheels engineered for superior durability. Aluminum wheels that are built to endure and stand the test of time. Robust aluminum wheels crafted for long-lasting performance. Aluminum wheels built to withstand wear and tear over time. Enduring aluminum wheels designed to last for years to come. Aluminum wheels engineered with longevity in mind. Reliable aluminum wheels constructed for extended use. Aluminum wheels that are made to endure and maintain their quality.
  • LED lighting
  • A double door refrigerator
  • An audio soundbar
  • Sleep capacity: 4-6 people

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