Inspired Self-Managed Tiny Home Village for Formerly Homeless

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What does it mean to create an opportunity for stability and safe housing? Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon, is an effective, self-governed #tinyhomecommunity for formerly homeless individuals and couples. It only costs $5 per night per person. Their tiny homes, aka budget bungalows, are nestled in a village setting with shared common spaces and buildings. Supportive services are provided but the community is self-governed by its residents.

It began in 2013 as a pilot project on city-owned land and since has served over 100 people & counting. And now, many residents have transitioned to the permanent, affordable Emerald Village.

All by SquareOne Villages, a nonprofit that creates self-managed communities of cost-effective tiny homes for people in need of housing, from transitional and permanent, affordable #tinyhousevillages.

To learn more, support their work, and get resources to start your own community, visit:

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