HOW MUCH MONEY MY TINY HOUSES MAKE and why Airbnb is the best way to make passive income

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Because so many of you have asked how much money my tiny houses make on a monthly basis, I’ve decided to finally create a video that gives you a snapshot of my Airbnb operation. In today’s video, I go into depth on both my gross profit and net profit after all expenses including tax, insurance, utilities and cleaning fees.

I became an Airbnb host just a few years ago. Never in a million years did I think that it would evolve into such a lucrative passive income source for me. I started with one apartment and quickly scaled that into a 10-unit operation that now includes a house, condo, two belle tents, a yurt, an airstream, an a-frame, two tiny houses and a small home. I currently work a full-time job, but the dream, of course, is to one day quit my 9-5 so I can become a full-time Airbnb host and Youtuber. Every year, I get a little closer to realizing that dream.

Some basic numbers to keep in mind. My tiny house in Los Angeles cost me about $72,000 to build. My tiny home in Joshua Tree was $165,000 to build start to finish. That lil’ guy was about twice the cost because I had to buy the land and hire a general contractor to carry out the build.

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4:04 How much my tiny houses make
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