Big Cooking in a Tiny House: A Sustainable Meal with Chef Drew

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Thinking about moving into a Tiny House? Concerned that you won’t be able to cook like you would in a normal house? You’re not alone. In all the tours we’ve given so far in our THOW, one of the most common reasons people say that they couldn’t live in the house is the tiny kitchen.

For us, the kitchen was only a problem when we first moved in. But once we organized and figured out storage we have been set ever since. We even cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner inside the little house. However, just like with anything else, people want to hear it from an expert. So when we were introduced to Culinary Master, Chef Andrew Tsang, otherwise known as Chef Drew, we knew we had to do a cooking video inside the house.

He was game, and said that even though he is a seasoned chef, he doesn’t use a space much larger than our kitchen to cook professionally and even cater large events. So we found a beautiful beachfront lot as our backdrop and put him to the test to see if he could cook a sustainable meal, in a tiny house kitchen.

On the menu were locally harvested Key West pink shrimp on locally and organically grown plantain tostones. And then for the main course, a stone crab fried rice, with locally harvested (and invasive) lionfish. Both of these dishes were delicious, and fit in with our sustainable ethos. Special thanks to Chef Drew for teaching us many things, and among them, showing us how a chef can make decisions that not only impact what’s on the dinner plate, but what happens at the farm, and in the ecosystems that make life on our planet possible. Cheers to this Creative Animal, who is making the world a better place, one delectable dish at a time.

To learn more about Chef Drew, and do learn how you can book him, visit his website:

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