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The Tiny House Lifestyle

With the current situation in today’s world the tiny house lifestyle is now even more popular than ever before!

On our website you will find exciting posts exploring all areas of the tiny house lifestyle.

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Would you like to live in a tiny house? There are plenty of benefits. Besides encouraging a minimalist lifestyle, tiny houses are also more affordable. Most tiny houses cost under $40,000 dollars. That’s far less than the median price of a new house in America in 2019, which is $310,400. Owners of tiny houses pay off their homes in much less time than owners of larger homes.

Tiny houses are also better for the environment. They use much less electricity and are easier to heat and cool. Many tiny houses also come with compost toilets. These toilets turn waste into usable compost instead of flushing it down to the sewer or septic tank. That really cuts back on water usage.

Another major benefit of tiny homes is that many of them can be moved around. Tired of living in your city? No problem! With a tiny house on wheels, you can pick up and move to a more rural area. You could even take your house closer to the ocean, mountains, or desert! Tiny living makes it much easier to move around.

The tiny house lifestyle also brings up some other interesting topics that you might not have considered.  Those topics could include:  MINIMALISM, PREPPING, and HOMESTEADING.  Don’t worry, we got you covered and have lots of information and videos along with THE BEST TINY HOUSE PRODUCTS on those topics too!

And yes, I have lived in a tiny house… a tiny house on wheels, I purchased and renovated an older 1980 Dodge Camper Van,  and lived quite comfortably in it for over a year in lovely Kelowna, British Columbia, one of the best experiences in my life and taught me a lot.  Tiny house living can happen in ANY PLACE in Canada where ever you are located, rest assured people ARE embracing the tiny house lifestyle in more ways than you can imagine!

My hope is that with the videos and ideas I post on this website that you too will be motivated to give the tiny house lifestyle a try.  It can be hard at times, but overall it is VERY enjoyable in so many ways!

The tiny house lifestyle can be done in most places provinces in Canada, such as tiny houses BC, tiny houses Alberta, and tiny houses Saskatchewan, as well as most states in the United States.


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