A $1200 14′ Tiny House made of pallet wood!

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Deek takes a look at the tiny house of Joseph Labaire- one built and designed by Joseph with urban salvage, self-milled wood, and re-used and deconstructed pallets

This 14' long tiny house was built for a mere $1200.00 and features a loft, composting toilet, self-built windows, ample built-in storage, and more! It is located outside of Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Hey it's da coast of HGTV's, tiny house builders in upcoming host of the series, the micro men myself and my brother dust and the dietrichson brothers.

We have a workshop coming up fully hands-on, meaning you actually get to build a design, something you rarely get with.
Other workshops in North Carolina regal, Wood December second, third, fourth, relax, Shaq's, calm, hey! What's up, I'm deke from relax a calm here in Shrewsbury mess former home of the.
What is it the Edgewood Drive in ajmer, ajmer, yoga? Edgemere? Sorry, I'm already pissing off the locals.

Here, with Joseph on a little side trip to check out a tiny house, he had been working on through quite some time.
That is definitely made of kick butt salvaged, underline it a couple times salvaged.
We have some urban urban salvage wood to that.

We milled up right here in the sawmill, so it's kind of a labor of love.
It took me a long time, but I want to check this thing.
I want to show people the interior, because you were saying a lot of it's done as well, see shortly with pallet wood, and I know all too well that pallet wood is a pain in the tuchus keister, but and/or ass to work with.

Oh, yes, that was, for, I think, we'll, go back and check the tape, but the effect is great.
It looks awesome, there's some mix-and-match plywood in here too, but overall, you kind of this chaotic eclectic, rustic, look which I do like.
If you look at these walls right here, it's kind of scattered and I have it a little like staggered.

I went for that effect until I realized that it was just too difficult.
So, especially when you do this not down to knit rough, you hear when you start getting into that, because I've done that before early on, like nope, doesn't work.
So in the back you'll see, I got a little more uniform and just left some gaps where they need it today, because I don't feel like notching it out gotcha then I use some old fence that was in the woods actually behind the sawmill for these walls.

Right here, if you can see yeah, I got you like you'll picket fence, don't pick a fence that I chopped up and threw in there what's the chain for when guests misbehave or what's up, I have some cooking pots hanging there.
Oh, I got Chuck yeah.
I lived here full-time.

How long did you live here? I lived here for seven months last year.
Full-Time alright yeah probably saved a heck of a lot of money.
Doing it not only that, but building it because you're using foul materials yeah it's a great little respite, is like camping first for seven months yeah, it's got a nice showered outside in the woods, with a little like.

Oh that's, cool.
I, like camping, shower that I had overall, how much time do you think you put into something like this? Well, I made the mistake of building it during that winter that we had when it snowed like four feet: yeah, stormy yeah, and so I had to take a couple months off, but in total it probably took about five months to build okay, getting the trailer to Finishing nails and the shingles, no in terms of people who there's a lot of people out there.
Oh I'm gon na build with forklift pallet, sits the the cure-all and my answer to building everything for nothing like.

I said it's time-consuming.
What's your method, your approach to dismantling the pallets? Are you a claw hammer guy? Did you get a pallet Ripper sawzall? What I would do is I would just take my skill, son rip.
The ends off yeah anything the one in the middle, and I were just paying that out the hammer.

So I'd only have like one or two nails to be nail and rock-rock it off the center strut yeah and I mean I lost a few inches.
But in the end it really wasn't worth the pain of trying to get all you know.
Yeah time is money.

I guess I mean some of them.
I had to on these longer ones, because I didn't really like frame it.
You know 16 on center on every yeah I kind of just put it where it looks good and yeah, so I have some shorter, some longer ones.

It looks like it looks beautiful, but it is a pain, oh yeah.
So if you want to save yourself a couple hundred bucks, but then just sit around in the winter are critically crippled your hands and yeah yeah, as in here like a heater just like frozen just breaking apart.
I never want to hear the word palate again.

Um the shelves here - that's some of the stuff - I imagine you milled right on site yeah.
This is all milled.
I just wan na scrap back to some live event job.

This is actually part of an old Saab, rusted yeah Blair that I threw up there very cool.
This is all milled.
This is milled from us.

Tell us about the loft.
Real quick to the loft is cozy for four.
That's for sure I took, I found an old futon on the side of the road.

I just took the mattress off of that yeah and that's what I slept on to keep it low.
So I had some more head space.
All these windows I made I'll, show you on this one actually cuz, the other ones are weathered.

So what I do is I drove a little tap and then I put a barbecue skewer in as law area, and then this glass is from a hockey rink.
I worked at as a Zamboni driver.
I just said I took the Plexiglas and then these just push out on a pit like the hole and they closed down.

I usually just prop it up with like a piece of wood in the summer months, but it's getting a little chilly here.
So ya know you have a little.
You have a little storage back here, hidden behind the burlap yeah.

This is a guy Iona.
I know a guy who owns a coffee roaster, so he hooked me up with these and I use an old hockey stick as my oh yeah as my little sliding, and then I just I hung some stuff up in here, but now it's just kind of a Pile of stuff yeah more the more shelving here.
This is a huge shelf.

I mean it things like eight feet.
Tall almost tell us about the bathroom.
Are the facilities very private? I see yeah the only like one of the only things I really bought from Home Depot in this place.

Beside its hardware, was this toilet seat yeah? So I have sawdust plenty of sawdust on there saman I have this bucket fill and then right into a five gallon Home Depot bucket and yeah.

This comes out.

Rope handles, I always thought of one day instead of using the perfection heater.
If I did stay here for a long time about getting a little wood-burning stove like permanently in there yeah, maybe building an outhouse yeah separate yeah, that's one thing that that's interesting.
A lot of people feel the need where you have to put the the bathroom inside the tiny house where space is at a premium already wine and have it outside if you're not like an Antarctica or anywhere we're gon na freeze your cojones off.

Well, the water.
That's definitely nice to come into here, but yeah in the summer time keep the doors open, doesn't smell too bad.
I am dia pretty frequently yeah cold matt cool and the sun.

This really does a good absorbing job.
So, overall, just a recap: here, most the stuff was free, found, recycled, reused, salvaged basically, except for some hardware.
You said the toilet seat, hard, yeah, half the shingles were free.

I just found on the side of the road someone's getting rid of on the floor.
I try to make like mock hardwood out of our clinics yeah.
I could have done something else wish I had, but it was worth a shot.

I saw the video on the YouTube of someone.
I've seen a couple yeah they make it look so easy on.
You too huh yeah yeah, you, you YouTube people make it look easy, alright, yeah.

In total.
I think I spent about twelve hundred dollars to build this method in the trailer, not bad, so yeah.
Twelve hundred bucks is a month's rent right there for most people, and you had a place.

You lived in for seven months yeah and now you have a tiny house, or at least like a getaway cabin wherever you want to call the end run yeah and the end house is like a little cozy Love Shack for the weekends there.
You go air B & B, calm rental, perhaps if it wasn't where it is doing like we sketched out of a sawmill under some power lines, yeah yeah.
Why am i glowing yeah yeah, alright Jessica, thanks man appreciate it appreciate it me so much I get on deke, relax.

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