160sqft Shipping Container Home w/rooftop patio | Full Airbnb Tiny House Tour!

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We are in Waco Texas, at this 20-foot beautiful container home I'll, be giving you guys a tour of this tiny house and show you just how efficient this can be and how someone can live in a 20 foot long container.

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20 foot shipping container home converted into a tiny house, let's check it out what is up guys today.

I have a brand new video for you.
We are in Waco Texas, at this 20-foot beautiful container home I'll, be giving you guys a tour of this tiny house and show you just how efficient this can be and how someone can live in a 20 foot long container.
If you're interested in this air B & B, the link is down below the price to rent this for a couple nights is actually really really achieved.

Some of the cheapest prices that I've shown on this channel, so I would highly suggest, come check it out.
Also link down below, is to save $ 40 on your first air B & B, stay anywhere on the world, so please go check that out as well.
So we are in Waco Texas, if you don't know where that's at it's about an hour and a half south of Dallas, and this town is very beautiful.

I've done some videos in the past on container homes in this area as well, so go check out those videos, it's actually on the same grounds as those videos, so this container home is very similar to the 20-foot container of my showing last time.
The outside is very similar made by the same people owned by the same people, but the inside layout is a very, very different, so I thought it was worth showing a different style layout for a container home like this, and I liked the last one.
So much and being in Waco, so I had to come back.

Waco Texas offers a lot from the downtown too, of course, the Magnolia silos from chip and joanne and everything, and anything in between that I've enjoyed my stay here so much.
This is honestly one of my favorite places.

I've been to so once you reach Waco you'll drive to your home and you pull up and you'll notice that it is a kind of a container home community, /, tiny home community, there's several on the property and you reach to whichever one you pick.

If you come to this one, specifically you'll pull right up to it and you're greeted to your home, like I said, McGinnis is a 20-foot container home and, as you can see, on the outside they've added wood on all the outside, which i think is a very Beautiful design features, sometimes people add things to containers.

Sometimes people just leave the containers I like both of them.
I like it whenever they add, would like this to it as well as just leaving a blank container.

So I think this is a really cool design.
The front part of this little container home you have your little deck, and something neat about this container home is that the doors are actually the original doors to the container.
They just made them this glass and they both open.

They swing wide open, they're huge.
It is really neat because you can open it up and just let there's some air flow in through your home, and it makes it feel a lot larger and I don't know, I think it just adds a lot to this home compared to a regular door, plus The windows, which is really nice as well to let in that some natural lights right above that there's an overhanging right here and it's nice, because if it's raining or something you're not getting rained on by your container - and it just makes the outside look a lot More clean and nice, and now I'll just take a swing around off to the side.
So I didn't see those windows on either side, of course, and the wood just continues and on this right side, you'll go all the way in the back and you reach your spiral, staircase, which is really neat, and that leads to the top part, which is your Patio rooftop patio basically and it is so cool to have this.

I think you just climb up this ladder and you're on top of your home, there's guardrails all around it.
They have lights that swing all around it.
There's a couple chairs up here and you can just come up here and enjoy your meals, your dinner or you can come up here at night and just hang out and watch the stars or anything.

I love this so much.
I, like it a lot better compared to a deck that was on the ground.
I think this adds to the Container homes so much especially for the price you get for this place and where it's located, if you're putting container home or anything like that, keep this idea in mind because it is super cool.

Honestly, one of my favorite features of this place so after that you'll just head right back down your staircase and you just swing right on through the front and you open up your front door and you're greeted to your tiny shipping container home.
Like I said, this is a very different layout compared to the last one that I've shown if you've seen that one this one I like the layout, actually a lot better, so we'll just get started with the tour he walked right in and you can see everything This container wants to offer, since it's so small.
I believe this is a 20 foot by 8 foot, so I believe that is 160 square feet of living space in this home, which is very, very tiny off the left side.

You have a chair and desk area to hang out at and they offer some chocolates right here and there's also a couple other nice too, or pieces right here and a desk that has some magazines in it about Waco.
If you want to check that out anyway, on the other side, you have this really cool wooden design, capsule for your TV, just open it up, and you have a TV right in there.
I like this, a lot because you can hide the TV, because TVs are a lot of times ugly, so this is really cool because you can hide it when you're not using it.

But whenever you open it up, there's a TV and I be thinking it's really awkwardly placed the TV does swing out, which is perfect.
You just pull it out and face it towards your bed.
Oh it's so perfect and the perfect positioning really nice.

So when I'm done that, I just close it up and you move on and you'll see your full bed right here which takes up a majority of the space of this home.
But it is nice compared to last time because last time it was a Murphy bed.
So swung in and out of the house this time you don't have to do that at all, and it's just right here and you have a decently sized walkway right next to it to continue right behind the bed behind YZ pillows.

You have a little cubby to store anything to charge your phone at throughout the night or anything like that, and then we'll just continue on.
You got the windows on each side, which is really nice.
You've got the wood that is covered on the walls and on the floor and even on the ceiling.

They have wood and I really love how they add these wood beams across the entire ceiling, just to add some dimension or depth, or a texture or whatever to this tiny home and also these front windows / doors, just let in a lot of light.
But whenever it comes nighttime and you want to close them up, they do have these curtains, so you can just close all this window up and, of course, close the blinds on all the windows inside.
So you can be in a blacked out box, basically really nice.

So anyway, let's just continue and right behind the bed.
It is kind of separated by this wall, which is really neat on top of the wall.
They just have some decor stuff.

They have your guest book and the guest book at these homes are probably the best.
I have seen because they have prompts for you to read like where did you go? What would you suggest to other people coming and everybody suggested things, so it's really good way to see what there is to do around Waco or wherever you're at and then right behind this wall is your kitchen area in quotations: it's not really a full kitchen.
They just have some of the kitchen needs.

They have a microwave and a coffee maker on the countertop right here above that have some open shelves, and they also have some mugs right here and then just below that you have your mini-fridge and just some other things.
You might need like, like an iron and some fan and this basket, and then along the wall.
They have cream and sugar, of course, and some knobs to hang some clothes or hangers, which is nice and that's about it for this area, that's about it! For the kitchen, there's no real cabinets or dishes - you can't really cook in here or do wash any dishes unless use the bathroom sink.

But that is okay, because this is a tiny home and hopefully you're out exploring more than that hanging out at this tiny home.

So we'll just move on from that, and the last thing of this home is this back space which they used for the bathroom.

Now a sliding barn door covers it, which is nice and right.

Next to the sliding Martin door is the a/c and heating unit, which is awesome really nice.
It takes no time to heat or cool this tiny home, so that is included as well and we'll just continue on through the sliding barn door, and you have your bathroom.
This is a full bathroom.

It's really spacious, actually, for 160 square-foot home.
The first thing, you'll see, is the sink and mirror area.
There's also a couple containers on this wall to store some things like towels or anything you have.

This is a nice-sized sink, it's not super mini like some tiny homes and on the and then right next to that, give your toilet and right above the toilet.
They have this little basket.
That has everything you need in case.

You forgot all your toiletries.
They have it all right here, which is really nice to add in an air B & B, and then you have your entire walk-in shower, which is really cool.
I love the subway tile.

Of course, I always love subway tile and it's pretty spacious shower.
It's really.
Nice here to shop me and it to show how big it is, so that is your entire tiny shipping container home.

It is really cute and nice.
If you are interested in building a container home or a tiny house, I would suggest checking this one out.

Maybe come staying here for yourself to see how it feels for you, if you like it, because some people like certain feels and layouts different than others.

I like this one a lot, so I suggest this one.
If you're interested in shipping containers and you've, you ever wondered how to buy one where to get one there's a link down below I've partnered with USA containers, so go check them out and go buy some containers.
Thank you guys for watching this.

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What your favorite part was mine is definitely the deck up.

That is a really cool feature to have and make sure to subscribe and share this with a friend.

If you ever want to come check it out with a friend or somebody you think would like it send it to them.
If you have an air B & B or shipping container home or just any unique home used for any purpose, shoot me a message down below, and maybe we can work something out.
Send me some photos.

If you want me to come and tour, it make a video.
Thank you guys for watching this video, and I will see you guys next week.
This is a 20 foot by 8 foot, so that is 240 square foot.

So I believe that's a hundred and sixty square feet there.
I got it why you wan na move the furniture.
We know not .

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