Top Places to Find Tiny Houses for Sale

Tiny houses for saleTiny houses are popular as a choice for people looking for their first home or for people who would like to downsize after realizing that a large house is not quite what they want. Other people simply cannot afford a large house and the costs associated with it.

If you do not have the skills to build your own tiny home, then there are plenty of companies that will do the job for you. You can either create a customized plan together with these companies or opt for one of the plans they have already designed. Some companies will only offer their tiny houses as they are, while others will allow you to make plenty of changes (which is often connected to higher costs).

We have put together a list of the top places to find tiny houses for sale.


The philosophy of this tiny house company is that your home should be a space you can be proud of and relax in. They have finished tiny houses for sale but also offer you the option to build your own custom tiny house.

In addition, this company also sometimes offers tiny house workshops in case you are interested in building your own tiny house, but are not sure that you have the necessary skills. During the times they have no workshops of their own, they provide you links to alternative workshops.

Tumbleweed has four basic models for tiny houses that you can customize as you wish. Each of the four models comes in two different sizes. Some of them even have a nice porch to relax on during nice days!

Once you decide which of the four models you like best, you can start customizing by choosing materials, floor plans and interior designs from a list. It is a great choice for people who want their tiny house acquiring process to be simple, but still personal.

The Crib has received a lot of positive attention thanks to its focus on being environment friendly. While the company has now stopped producing this fantastic tiny house which comes in three different models, you can still buy the plans for this house and use a different construction company to build it.


This is one of the top places to find tiny houses for sale because it is one of the best places to go to if you have an idea in your head but none of the tiny houses you have seen on the Internet quite fit the bill.

The company has over 30 years of experience in custom design building, and see each job as more than just a job. They know how important a nice home is in a person’s or family’s life, so they make sure that everything will be perfect, and also treat their customers with the utmost respect.

Wheelhaus is the company to go to if you look for a tiny house with a rustic character. The Wedge is their most popular model and a real luxury retreat. You would expect a house like this to be part of a luxury resort next to a lake.

Do not let the rustic exterior lead you into believing that this is a basic lifestyle. The inside of these tiny houses is very modern and has everything you need. The kitchens often look better than those you find in standard-size houses, and the bathrooms have enough space to comfortably move around.

Wheelhaus has a variety of beautiful tiny houses—ranging from the cabin for one person, to a tiny house that can easily accommodate a small family.


We have put this website on our list of top places to find tiny houses for sale as this company offers you a fine selection of thoughtfully designed tiny homes. This is a company that works together with you to design a house with everything you need and want. If you wish your tiny house to look like a Hobbit home, this is not an issue! If your design wishes can be turned into reality, then this company will happily do so!

The tiny homes from Tiny Heirloom can easily be customized to turn your vision of your dream home into a reality. The family-run business has excellent customer service and will make sure that your tiny home is just the way you want it to be.

None of the houses built by Tiny Heirlooms is quite the same—they are as individual as their owners, but the gallery on the website will help you to get some ideas about what you can do when it comes to tiny homes.

This company shows you that living on just 150 square feet does not have to mean that you need to give up a lot. The clever design uses the space in the tiny home efficiently, and has a very cozy feel to it.


The tiny homes from this website were created after hurricane Katrina to help people who had lost their homes. The tiny homes you find here are also very suitable for all other people, and offer everything you need for everyday living, and have become very popular.

The last website on our list of top places to find tiny houses for sale offers you a unique approach to the tiny home idea. The outside of this tiny home is very colorful and it is easy to see why the designers named it the Toy Box Tiny House. This tiny house is ideal for one person, though the seating modules in the living area can also be transformed into a bed for a second person, e.g., a visitor who wants to stay overnight.


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