Top 10 Tiny Houses on Wheels


Tiny homes have become a popular alternative to saving for a bigger house or taking out a mortgage. Tiny house range from 100 to under 400 square meters, and the average tiny house is around 200 square meters big. The living area can be extended though by using loft space in a creative manner.

Many times homes come on wheels, which makes it easy to take them with you when you relocate. Whether you do not want to build your own tiny home, or need some inspiration for your own plans, you will likely find some charming solutions among the Top 10 Tiny Homes on Wheels that are introduced in this article.


  1. The Pequod Tiny House

Tiny homes on wheels are not only for single people or couples who like it cozy. The well-designed Pequod shows that family living is indeed possible in a tiny home.

This tiny home covers only 208 square meters, but offers enough space for a couple and up to two children. From the outside, this might be hard to believe, but once you take a step inside and see how the pantry works, and how the dining area is arranged, you will soon have no problems imagining happy family times inside this home.


  1. Elm

The second house on our list of the Top 10 Tiny Homes on Wheels is called Elm and is a winner thanks to its beautiful rustic look. This tiny house even has a porch!

This home can be ordered in four different sizes, and thanks to the loft, it can accommodate more than two people, depending on what kind of design you choose when you order your home to be built. This tiny home is ideal for single people or couples who have a visitor every now and then.


  1. Rolling Luxury Cabin

This is a 400 square meter tiny home that has enough space for a single person or a couple. There is a porch that can be used to sit outside during nice weather, and the large windows give the whole home a very spacious feel.

The living area and kitchen are combined into one, and there is one bedroom and one bathroom. This tiny home would look great next to a lake or river, or close to a forest. It has a very natural, wood cabin feel to it.


  1. Luxury Farmhouse on Wheels

If you have often dreamed of living on a farm but could never afford it, then our number four of the Top 10 Tiny Homes on Wheels could be the ideal choice for you.

This tiny home is inspired by the look of typical farm houses, and has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living area, a sleeping loft (only suitable for 1-2 people), and even a cleverly designed area for the washing machine. Of course, this is no proper farm—but the look of this tiny home will make you feel a little bit closer to your dream!


  1. The Matchbox

The Matchbox is one of the smaller tiny houses and not suitable for families. It is the ideal home for someone who is interested in living off the grid and in a very sustainable manner.

You can basically put this tiny home in a remote area as this little home is designed to catch its own water (the desert would not be a good place then) and produce its own electricity, too. Skylights and wide windows are designed to help with temperature control.

Someone who wants to live environment friendly and does not need too many luxuries will find this tiny home to be a good solution!


  1. House with a fold-out porch

This charming little home has the lovely addition of a porch that you can fold out when you feel like using it. It is big enough for putting one chair on it—or two if you do not mind blocking the entrance door.

Inside, the house feels a bit like a mini-version of a farmhouse with a modern touch and clever designs to make as much of the little space as possible.


  1. The Escape Traveler

The company behind the Escape Traveler, that is classified as an RV—but is basically a mobile luxury cabin—has started out with the construction of classic cabins, and then decided to go mobile, too!

This tiny home has floor-to-ceiling windows and feels very spacious even though it is a tiny home. There is a surprisingly large kitchen inside—some big houses might have lesser kitchens than that, and the whole interior of the tiny home has a lot of

  1. hOMe

EcoCabins offers you a wooden home called “hOMe”. There is a modern kitchen, a living area, and a sleeping loft inside. Of course, the bathroom isn’t missing, and the clever design of the tiny home even has a staircase which doubles as a bookshelf or storage area. The kitchen of this tiny home is just as impressive as the kitchen of our number 7.

Tiny homes like “hOMe” show you that limited space does not mean a limited quality of life!


  1. Toybox Home

This is a rather colorful tiny home and suitable for one person. It was originally designed for one student to live in while studying.

There is a kitchen, a living area with enough space to have one additional guest at the folding dining table, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft. The living space consists of modular seating, which can be arranged to form a bed, e.g., when a visitor is staying overnight.

  1. The Boulder

The Boulder tiny house is an easily towable house and suitable for 1-2 people, and one of the more affordable tiny houses on the market. This home has very good insulating, which helps to keep the house warmer during cold weather.

This is a basic tiny house—simple and effective, and ideal for people who cannot or do not want to spend a lot of money on their tiny home.

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