Finding the Right Tiny House Builders

tiny-house-builders-1When you need a tiny house built, you either do it yourself or you give the job to a professional tiny house building company. There are many of them around these days, and with a bit of research, you will be able to find the right tiny house builder that will help you to make your dream of your own home come true.

Location matters

There is no point in looking for tiny house builder that is located too far away from you. Your dream builder is not much use of you if he does not deliver to your area. So before you contact them, make sure that they actually list your desired area for your tiny house as one of the areas they deliver houses to.

Also remember that the longer the distance that your house has to travel is, the higher the cost for the transport will usually be.

tiny-house-builders-2How much do you want to influence the design of your tiny house?

You will be able to narrow down the tiny house builders according to how much influence you would like to have on the design and look of the floor plan. Generally, there are three options when you hire a tiny house builder:

  • You buy a plan they designed, and you cannot change anything about it. Often these houses are already ready to go and can be delivered to you very soon.
  • You buy a plan that allows you to customize it.
  • You create a completely new plan together with the tiny house builder. This will be the most time intensive kind of getting a plan together but is ideal if you have some very concrete ideas about what you would like your tiny home to look like.

Some companies only design new tiny houses from scratch and see each new home as a new challenge. Other companies only offer the same plans, so all their customers can only choose from a few different designs. Other companies offer you all three choices.

tiny-house-builders-4When can they deliver?

Finding the right tiny house builder often depends on how soon they can deliver your house. Some of these companies are very busy and booked up for months in advance. If there is a company you like a lot, give them a call and ask them about how busy they currently are and what the estimated timeline for a tiny house construction would be.

If you would like your house within a few weeks or months, it’s no point hiring a company that does not have the human resources to build a house that quickly.

How much do they care about your ideas and wishes?

The right tiny house builder will be someone who cares about the vision you have for your own home. The best way to find out whether you and the tiny house builder you have your eyes on are a good match is to talk to them on the phone or visit them, if they are close enough.

A visit will have the additional advantage that you might get the chance to see their team at work, and have a look at some of their finished tiny houses. This will give you a good idea about whether it is a company you would like to work with and give your hard-earned money to.

A tiny house builder who cares about your vision will ask you many questions and will also make recommendations if he/she feels like you are overseeing or missing something that would make a big difference in life quality.

tiny-house-builders-3How do they source their materials?

If you are someone who cares about being environment friendly, you might also want to look into how “green” the different tiny house builders are and whether they can even help you with building a house that uses solar energy and catches its own rainwater.

Ask them where they get their materials from and whether those materials are from sustainable sources (unless you do not care, of course).

What to look out for when you use websites for finding the right tiny house builders

Finding the right tiny house builder has become a lot easier thanks to the availability of the Internet and the fact that many of the tiny house companies have put their information online.

If the website of a tiny house company is uninspiring and does not look very well designed, it might be a sign that you do not really want to trust that company with the design of your tiny house. It might be that the designers are just old fashioned and do not know much about websites, but you can usually see the difference between a simple website and a website that has been designed carelessly.

You can learn a lot about tiny house builders by just looking at their websites. Most of them will show you samples of buildings they have constructed in the past, and they will also show you what they can do for you.

Have a look at as many tiny homes builders as you can find that deliver to your area. Then shortlist the ones you like best and see whether all the questions you have about them is answered on the website. If not, send them an email or call them. Once you have all your questions answered, it is time to get in touch with your winner.

However, if you feel uncomfortable with the contact, you do have the right to change your mind and choose a different provider. It is also a good idea to read reviews from previous customers before you make a final decision.


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