The Best Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny housesYou have decided that you would like to live in a tiny house—either because you love the cozy feel of these special dwellings, you do not want to wait until you can afford a big house, or you would like to live in a more sustainable manner. Or maybe all of it applies to you.

If you have the skills, you may want to build your own tiny house. There are many plans available, and most of them can also be customized to make your new tiny home just the way you want it.

Have a look at the best tiny house floor plans that follow in this article. One of them might just be the basis for your new home.

Clothesline Tiny Home Plan and Construction Blog

This is a good tiny home plan for a single person or a couple. The designers of this plan even have enough space to keep a dog. While the plan itself is not very detailed, it gives you some ideas about how to organize the space in a tiny house.

The great thing about this page is that you receive a lot of information about the practical aspects of building tiny houses. If you are new to this kind of building—or construction in general—then the website and the attached blog will give you a vast amount of useful information and links to other helpful sources.

Tiny house

Tiny House Design Plans

Tiny House Design has a variety of interesting tiny house plans that you can buy from them. Each of the plans costs $29 and usually includes the framing plan, a materials list, and the original SketchUp 3D drawing of the tiny home. The plans are instantly delivered via online download.

The plans are suitable for people who want to follow them to a “T” or to people who would like to modify them a bit (or a lot). All of the tiny houses from these plans are built on wheels. There are plenty of different models available in different sizes, with porches, without porches, with skylights or without.

Santa Cruz house plan

This beautiful tiny house is a home with just under 400 square meters but looks a lot larger. The plan is rather pricey at $729, but the design of the house is well worth it. The website also lets you calculate how much it will eventually cost to build the house.

The bedroom has enough space for a queen-sized bed. There is a large kitchen combined with dining and living area, a generous porch, a good-sized bathroom, a walk-in closet, and enough space for a washing machine and dryer.

You can also find some other tiny house plans on the website of that company—but make sure you do not get distracted by the plans for bigger houses as the website offers plans for buildings of all sizes.

Tiny house

Tiny Project Tiny House Plan

This is one of the best tiny house floor plans as they include everything you need to build your own tiny home. You will not have to do any additional research, which will save you a lot of time and frustration (as it can sometime be hard to find the necessary information when you look for something related to tiny house design and construction).

The plans tell you the trailer specs and about trailer modifications, about window and door size, about electrical design and plumbing, and more. You also get some suggestions about finishing the interior.

The plan comes with a SketchUp model that you can not only use to view a 3D model of tiny house, but that you can also edit as you desire to customize the plan for your tiny house. The cost of this plan is $250.

Hikari Box tiny house plan

This energy-efficient house is ideal for a couple as it packs in a lot for such a small area. This is one of the best tiny house floor plans because the finished result even has a staircase which leads up to a loft that could either be used as a bedroom or a storage area.

This is a bright and spacious tiny house, and the plan makes it easy to build even if your DIY skills are not on a professional level. The plan costs $99 and is instantly delivered via download.

The plan includes all the information you need to get started, from a list of materials to ideas for additional storage solutions.

Tiny house floor plans

Charming English Cottage house plan

If you love the look of traditional English cottages, then this plan might be the ideal solution for you. Just because you want to live in a tiny home, you do not have to miss out on a lovely exterior! Of course, the interior of this charming little cottage is also nothing you need to hide from the world once you have finished it.

This 300-square-meter home even has a fireplace to give it an extra cozy feel. The cathedral-like ceilings make the tiny home feel very spacious and the open living kitchen and living room are well designed to make cooking and dining a real joy.

The cottage would suit a couple or even a small family with one child.

There are different variations of the plan to suit your needs and you can immediately download your chosen plan after paying (a few hundred dollars—but the plans are worth it).

Free plans for experienced DIYers

If you are confident about your building and planning skills, then the basic PDF plans here might be all you need. The best tiny house floor plans are always the plans that suit your level of expertise, your experience level, and the vision you have for your tiny house.

These plans are very basic but you can adjust them to your needs. Best of all—they are free!

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