Tips for Building A Tiny House

building-a-tiny-house-1You have decided that you would like to live in a tiny house and that you would like to build it yourself. You are now looking for tips for building a tiny house—maybe because you are not quite sure about where to begin, or maybe because you would like to make sure that you are on the right path.

This is not an instruction on how to build a tiny house—you need more than just a website to learn about all of the details. But we can give you some tips for building a tiny house that might very well end up being the house of your dreams!


Useful tips for building a tiny house

Before the construction phase

  • Choose or design a floor plan that suits your life—There are hundreds of tiny house floor plans out there—some of them might be perfect for you, but others will turn your life into something you did not want it to be. Some plans will not suit your lifestyle. Consider what you need and want from your tiny house, e.g. what you HAVE to do in the house every day, e.g., cooking, and what you WANT to do inside the house. Choose a plan according to your own needs.
  • A strong foundation—Some people make the mistake of choosing a weak foundation for their house, e.g., an ordinary travel trailer. That can lead to horrible problems like your trailer not being able to carry the weight of your house. If you plan on building your tiny house on a trailer, then make sure that you buy one that will be able to do the job.
  • Make a budget—The cost of building a tiny house can vary a lot. Some people build the same house but pay a very different sum for the materials. Think about from where you will get your materials (e.g., whether you buy everything new, or are willing to use the Freecycle Network and similar sites to get materials for free). There is no point in planning the perfect tiny house if you run out of money halfway through the construction of it.
  • Find a place to build your tiny house indoors or under shelter—The sun will not always shine, and you at least need a dry place to keep materials and tools. Think about where you could ideally build your house.
  • YouTube is your friend—These days, you can get a lot of high-quality information from YouTube—even information on how to install windows, how to tile a shower and how to attach a roof to a tiny house. If you are not sure about any aspect of building a tiny house, you can find a lot of tips for building a tiny house on YouTube, and some of the videos are excellent at demonstrating how something is efficiently and correctly done.
  • Know where to actually put your tiny house—Wanting to build a tiny house is nice—but do you have a place to actually legally put it? Read up on the laws in your state or country, and check what requirements you have to meet if you would like to live in a tiny house. If you have your own land, then you will have less of an issue— but if you have to find a place where to put your house, you might run into one or the other obstacle. Get those out of the way before you spend any money on plans and materials.


During the construction phase

  • Don’t let things get you down—Building a tiny house is not only a physical process—there are also a lot of emotions involved. After all, you are building your very own, new home—and homes comes with a lot of emotions. Building a tiny house is not always easy. Sometimes things will demotivate you. Sometimes you will make a mistake. There are always at least two different ways to deal with problems: you can either be angry, frustrated, and give up or force your way through the project half-heartedly, or you can see it as a challenge and be happy about being involved in such a wonderful project, including all possible problems! The latter attitude is, of course, a lot better!
  • Make a to-do list—A tiny house may not be as big a project as a normal house, but it will still be bad if you forget something along the way. It is important that you break down the huge task of building a house into many smaller tasks. You will not feel overwhelmed, and it is very satisfying to tick off tasks on a to-do list. It not only keeps you organized, but also motivated.building-a-tiny-house-4
  • Listen to music—It can help a lot if you listen to music while you build your tiny house. It will make some of the more boring tasks easier to deal with. You could also listen to an audiobook during tasks that are repetitive and do not need your full attention.
  • Take a day off—Do not force yourself to work every single day until the house is finished. You might burn out, and your mood will not be the best. Just step back for a day and enjoy some well-deserved rest.
  • Invite some friends over—Sometimes you might get stuck for some reason you cannot see yourself. You might then want to think about inviting some friends over to hang out with you. A pair of fresh eyes might see where the problem lies—and maybe you even have friends who would like to help you out for a day!
  • Keep the end product in mind—When you feel a bit demotivated, always think about what it will feel like when your tiny house is finished, and what it will feel like to live in it.


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